Democratic political potential of the Ethereum Blockchain

Not only that the Ethereum Blockchain enables equal participation of all users on the common data network. The technology could revolutionize the democratic processes as we know them. With the help of the Blockchain it would be possible to make the voting completely forgery - extrapolations on election night as we know them would become unnecessary - because the traditional vote count would be eliminated and the final result could be fixed at 5pm.

And indeed, the potential has already been recognized:

For example, the Brazilian government permits people to start petitions on topics to be discussed in the parliament. If the petition is signed by one percent of the country's population, it will be submitted to the congress and the government will be required to review it.

However, as the handling of these petitions regularly causes a massive paperwork Brazilian programmers are now testing the Ethereum Blockchain to solve this problem.

The Brazilian government supports the initiative and has started to develop a mobile app that will allow everyone to sign up for this system online for signing petitions or to start them. These signatures are "hashed" and recorded daily on the Ethereum Blockchain. Such a system ensures that no signature is lost or forged.




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