With the Ethereum Blockchain against world hunger

It sounds as simple as ingenious - but with the help of the Ether Blockchain it might soon be possible to put an end to the worldwide malnutrition problem. The so-called "Smart Farming 2.0" - the intelligent farm of the future, should have a "comprehensive learning ability" to ensure higher productivity and efficiency in food production. The farm independently controls the correct temperature, humidity, solar radiation, carbon dioxide and irrigation of a plant breeding system using IoT technology, sensors and analysis software with a networked environment. Smart Farming is designed to provide proactive predictions, real-time response and situation-specific simulation around the clock. The new decentralized platform based on Blockchain technology would also eliminate the need for costly middlemen. The purpose of the food blockchain is to store the origin of the product, its producers, region and business movements, thus making it possible to reward producers with greater transparency and traceable, verified information for the consumers.

In addition, the project is currently researches and develops plant-based meat in Asian cuisine to tackle the issue of meat shortage. The AgriTech & Food Science Project identifies itself as the world's first decentralized initiative based on Ethereum Blockchain and Smart Contracts.


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