Blockchain standards in Switzerland

The blockchain technology is going to be standardized in Switzerland to ensure more legal certainty. For that purpose several players from the finance, technology, science and law sector have joined forces and founded the organization "Capital Markets and Technology Association" (CMTA). The main goal is to facilitate the use of blockchain technology. CMTA President Jacques Iffland said: "Blockchain has the potential to reduce the complexity of the capital market system and facilitate access for start-ups". On the other hand, he observes a lack in legal certainty - this is not just a development-setback in this area, but even a potential preventer. The CMTA was founded as a non-profit and non-governmental organization, which should be able to set standards independently. In the meantime similar blockchain associations have meanwhile also been formed in Austria, Germany and other countries but there is still a lack of a further transnational cooperation in this area. Crypto Future will keep an eye on the development.

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