Digital City Vienna networking meeting

The 6th Blockchain networking meeting of "Digital City Vienna" took place on April 25th.

Network for the future
"Digital City" was created in September 2014 on the initiative of the City of Vienna in cooperation with "Wiener Wirtschaft" prime objective is to make  the Austrian Capital one of Europe's leading digital hotspots. A marketing strategy focusing on the leading Austrian blockchain companies is also part of this strategy. Also a comprehansive exchange with leading research institutions such as the University of Economics and Business Administration and others takes place in order to ensure a most user-friendly further development of the blockchain technology. Synergies are to be found and new projects shall be initiated.

Education - the key to success
This interdisciplinary approach is appreciated by the participants, as is the fact that the meetings always deal with the latest developments. These rapid developments within the blockchain scene also force companies to be constantly up to date, which is why the event at the "Wiener Planungswerkstatt" also provided information on various relevant seminars offered by the educational institutions that were present (WU, FH Technikum Wien, etc.).

Crypto Future in the circle of the Blockchain Elite
Crypto Future GmbH, as one of the leading blockchain companies in Austria, supports the development of Digital City and was therefore again on site.
In his statement, CEO Tomislav Matic addressed the significance of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT): "We must all be aware that Blockchain is still polarizing. There are enthusiasts who praise it as a solution to pretty much every problem in the world, but there are also skeptics who see it as a flash in the pan that will soon go out. Critics often mention the crypto hype, but crypto currencies are representing only a very small part of the possible use cases. In reality, blockchain means fast and secure financial transactions, efficient state administration, forgery-proof elections, and so on. Blockchain is not a panacea, but certainly the path to a more efficient world. I am glad that Austria is not oversleeping this important IT development, but tries to shape it as an active player," concludes Tomislav Matic.

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