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Due to the reason that crypto currencies are having big volatility, they provide extraordinary chance to create big profit or loss. This year we have seen many times crypto currencies falling about 50% in just few days. Also in September 2017 we have seen Bitcoin going from 3948 Euro to 2451 Euro (Please see attached Bitcoin chat for September). Therefore, this game is not for the weak minded.

If somebody who has invested the money in Bitcoin, where the price was above 3900 Euro, it was hard time to see the price falling below 3000 Euro. The most important thing in such case is not to panic and start selling. If you are not a professional trader, with short trades you will just lose money. Better option is to stay cool and wait.

If we take Ethereum as an example and check the long-time price development for 2017, we can see a development from 10 Euro in January this year to 250 Euro today. This means that to achieve good profit from crypto currencies you need time and patience.

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