Rotharium Shopping Day

02 August 2019 marks a milestone in the history of food trade. Aura Delikatessen OG is the first delicatessen shop worldwide that enables its customers to purchase the entire product range either in Euro or equivalent in Rotharium (RTH).

Rotharium Token by Crypto Future
The Rotharium Token was created by Crypto Future GmbH in 2017/18 during their "Initial Coin Offering" (ICO) and has meanwhile established itself in the crypto scene. Anyone can exchange the token on the crypto exchange "Stocks Exchange" ( for Ethereum or Bitcoin - the current value of the token is approximately 0.7 USD.

Aura again writes history
Food pioneer Martin Juric, Managing Director of Aura Delikatessen, is a capable entrepreneur who is extremely open to innovation. He has already made headlines several times - including the "Blockchain Good Friday". With Rotharium Food Tracing, Juric is already using Crypto Future's Blockchain-based food tracing app. The app allows transparent food tracing, which Juric proved last Good Friday during a live experiment together with Crypto Future CEO Tomislav Matic.

But that's not enough - Juric wants to integrate more aspects of the Blockchain technology into his business - the crypto economy will be the next.
"The partnership with Crypto Future has now reached such a high level of trust that I was happy to take this step. Aura will permanently accept the Rotharium token as a payment method - thus opening ourselves to the future of transactions. When the wind comes, most people build walls - but we build sailing ships. This means that one should be open to the new," says Juric.
Numerous guests immediately checked out the very simple payment method with Rotharium via mobile app and also fully enjoyed the Aura delicacies.

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