From the Marchfeld into the Blockchain

Just arrived - table potatoes "Annabelle" from the farmers market of “Rotharium Food” early supporter Hannes Windhaber.

The freshly harvested tranche of potatoes has already been registered with the Rotharium Food Tracing App and stored forgery-proof in the Ethereum Blockchain.

Always open to new ideas
Vegetable farmer Hannes Windhabers strengths are his love of detail and dedication to the unusual. Although 2019 wasn't always easy - especially with regard to this year's weather conditions in the Austrian Marchfeld, which made the production of potatoes and other vegetables even more difficult. Hannes Windhaber doesn't let this stop him, because he sees difficulties as a challenge that make him explore new and unorthodox pathways.

Rotharium Food Tracing by Crypto Future
By the way - Hannes Windhaber is the first farmer in Lower Austria who grows watermelons, which are also shown in his product range on Rotharium Food Tracing by Crypto Future - we are already looking forward to this year's watermelon harvest. The Handy App gives farmers and other food distributors the opportunity to easily market their products. With the help of this revolutionary app the respective product tranche is stored counterfeit-proof by the help of blockchain technology - the data is then contained in the QR code, which is printed and attached to the certain product., Consumers easily obtain information about the corresponding product data via the QR code scanner - regardless of the app. This makes the Rotharium Food sticker a seal of quality.
Potatoes today and watermelons or mandarins tomorrow? We at Crypto Future are looking forward to Hannes Windhaber's further harvests and also look forward to supporting him with Rotharium Food Tracing on his path to success.

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