Blockchain-verified fish again delivered to Austria

Numerous media already reported about the "Blockchain-Good Friday", during which Blockchain-verified fish was delivered to Austria for the first time. This successful project is now being repeated.

From Adria to Austria 2.0
The “Fonda Fish Farm” in Slovenia is once again the starting point for a unique project in the history of domestic food production. This morning freshly caught fish was already forgery proof registered in the Ethereum Blockchain with the help of the Rotharium Food Tracing App and the tranche was labeled then with a QR code. By using a QR code scanner, anyone can now display all the data about his or her product on the smart phone - independently of the mobile phone app.
This is primarily aimed at food retailers and distributors for whom Rotharium Food Tracing offers the opportunity to advertise their products on the one hand and on the other to achieve a sustainable increase in transparency during merchandising.

Martin Juric a pioneer
With "Aura Delikatessen" company founder Martin Juric breaks new ground. He understands that hard work alone is no longer enough to score with niche products in the highly competitive food market. The quality of the spirits and delicacies offered by Martin Juric are already unrivalled - but he wants to go much further with his shop in Strasshof an der Nordbahn/Lower Austria. As the very first delicatessen-shop, Aura relies on Crypto Future's "Rotharium Food Tracing" for further and sustainable quality improvement.  Courage to innovation is a characteristic of all those who want to write history - Crypto Future will support “Aura Delikatessen” in any way.

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